Safety & Links Page
General Home Safety Tips
1. Install smoke detectors, test monthly replace batteries yearly.
(Recommend Spring at Daylight Savings) 10 yrs is max life on smoke
2. Create a family meeting place outside your home. (Where to meet up
if a fire occurs)
3. Use care when cooking. Cooking fires are a common cause of fires
4. Place a fire extinguisher near the kitchen. (Do not use water on a
grease fire It will make it spread.)
5. Plan fire escape routes out of your home
6. Close bedroom doors at night to stop or slow fire spread.
6. Keep space heaters 3 feet away from anything that can burn
7. Replace bad electrical wiring
8. Clean chimney's yearly. Dryer vents are another cause of fire.
9. Don't use turkey fryers in garage or under porch & Don't Bar-B-Que
on a covered porch.